Epitome ov Blasphemy

by Tyranos

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released December 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Tyranos Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: Epitome Ov Blasphemy
[Verse 1]

A soldier of darkness
A scion of thorns
The keeper of seth's eye
I'll bring you the storms
Unshackled fire
A will for the throne
The bringer of hatred
The ruler of bone

[Verse 2]

Ten rotten commandments
The soul drinker's spell
A fork tongoued guardian
With knowledge to sell
A power is rising
Beyond time and space
A world ripe for taking
No one will be saved

[Verse 3]

In strangest aeons
I found what I sought
A gateway to blackness
I hunger for more
In eldritch dimensions
On souls I shall feast
A mind cruel and empty
The son of the beast
Track Name: Tyrant From The Deep
Verse 1:]

Blasphemy and agony
Tyranny and pain
Ruler of the lifeless seas
Terror is my name
Digging graves in darkness
Shying from the light
Maddening your dreams
I shall defile your pride


Tyrant from the deep
In your souls I shall creep
Fading out of life
Purified by genocide

[Verse 2:]

I'm the demonic hunter
The king and also priest
If you will not join my cause
On your souls I'll feast
Slaughter born from Tyranny
The laughter of the gun
Underneath the lifeless seas
Murder on the run
Track Name: Tortured, Killed, Sacrificed
[Verse 1]

Iron maiden ready for the kill
Your live will end tonight
Disciples of dark gods will gather
For the sacrifice
Ritual fire on the stake
Excites my burning blood
Bow to angels that once fell
Spit in the face of god

[Verse 2]

Bring forth our master's rise
Fuel the flames with death
Ritual victims, tortured cries
Yielding to him their last breath
Leeching the life from your kin
Hear the battlecry
Misanthropic overture
In this place you'll die
Track Name: Final Sacrifice
[Verse 1]

In the night, the cold dark night
Is when I hunt, when I despise
You will never be forgiven
Now that the dead have risen
You're so pious, you're so clean
Holy men, men of dreams
You won't survive, flee and hide
Creatures from the other side

[Verse 2]

See my eyes, my soulless eyes
I'm here to kill, dead inside
You will soon fall to my hate
I'll hunt you down – it is too late
A mind of terror, full of hate
In the night you feel my blade
Soon you will fall under my sway
Hatred is my only way

[Verse 3]

A mind so cruel, a mind so old
Leaves you broken in the cold
I shall strip you of your lies
At the final sacrifice
In the night, the cold dark night
When I hunt, when I dispise
You passed awy in awful dread
Felt the revenge of the dead